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The Patient-Centered Approach

The main goal of HOPE is to help people who are receiving hemodialysis treatment manage their pain and how it interferes with their lives. Since helping patients is at the core of HOPE’s mission, patients have been at the core of bringing the HOPE Trial to life. 


The Patient Advisory Group has been involved in the creation of the HOPE Trial since the very beginning. From writing the study informed consent forms to providing critical feedback on how to approach potential participants, our patient advisors have helped to mold HOPE into a thoroughly considered, and patient-centered research study.

Patient-Centered Approach
Caroline Wilkie

Punta Gorda, FL

Scientific and Data Research Center
Joel Williams

Bloomington, MN

Robert Grindstaff, MD

Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Nina Quintana

Chicago, IL

University of Illinois
at Chicago
Dave White

Hillcrest Heights, MD

Dawn Edwards

Jamaica, NY

The Rogosin

Patient Partners

Patient Partners

Study Materials for Patients

Informational Materials

Patient Advisors, in collaboration with the HOPE Recruitment Committee, created a suite of informational materials to aid in study recruitment.

Recruitment Video

Recruitment Flyer

Recruitment Flyer
HopeTrialFlyer_V2_Design_Final_NO VA Logo_website.png
Recruitment Brochure

HopeStudyBrochureNoVALogo_V2_Page 2_website.png
Pain Information Brochure

Pain brochure page 1.PNG
Pain brochure page 2.PNG
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